71 Episodes | On drama


71 Episodes | On Drama


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Series 5 | Episode 11 | On drama


Swings and Roundabouts

Comedy drama that dates back to the 1990s. Lovejoy invites Charlotte out for a romantic evening. Lovejoy's friend Boswell is arrested aft...

Series 5 | Episode 1 | On drama


Pig in a Poke

Loveable rogue Lovejoy is at it again in the lighthearted drama. Lovejoy sells a set of dodgy Gillray prints to a friend of Jane's and so...

Series 4 | Episode 6 | On drama


Judgement of Solomon

More mischief with Lovejoy and his motley crew. A collection of Judaica has bizarrely appeared in an Essex cottage. Lovejoy and Gimbert a...

Series 5 | Episode 12 | On drama


Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

Much-loved drama series. Lovejoy, Charlotte and Gimbert hunt for religious books at a Cambridge antiques fair, where Lovejoy finds a rare...

Series 4 | Episode 13 | On drama


Lovejoy Loses It

Lighthearted drama with the cheeky wheeler-dealer. Tinker warns Lovejoy against abusing his 'gift' by appearing on a crass TV antiques sh...

Series 2 | Episode 11 | On drama


Black Virgin of Vladimir - Part One

Absorbing drama with the denim-clad fox. Lovejoy plans an complex 'sting' when he learns that a widow and a businessman have been swindled.

Series 2 | Episode 5 | On drama


Who Dares Sings

Ian McShane stars as the rogueish antiques dealer. Lovejoy and Lady Jane get a commission to refurbish a restaurant belonging to one of T...

Series 3 | Episode 7 | On drama


Scotch on the Rocks

Drama series with the wily antiques dealer. Lovejoy buys a coveted ancient Scottish sword, which leads to another exciting find buried un...

Series 6 | Episode 3 | On drama


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Lighthearted drama with the antiques dealer and his band of scallywags. Tinker is behaving oddly, ruining a deal for Lovejoy - and then v...

Series 1 | Episode 3 | On drama


The Sting

More capers with the charming antiques dealer and ladies' man! When Lovejoy is conned out of some figurines by his landlord, he is determ...

Series 2 | Episode 8 | On drama


Sugar and Spice

Ian McShane is the rough-diamond antiques dealer. Lovejoy uncovers a case of blackmail when a teenage girl brings him some 18th-century e...

Series 3 | Episode 5 | On drama


Benin Bronze

Another adventure for the likable antiques dealer. A judge's wife is being blackmailed and turns to Lovejoy for help. A priceless Benin b...

Series 5 | Episode 10 | On drama


Goose Bumps

The antiques ace with an eye for a bargain and the ladies. Lovejoy helps a widow sell two china geese, but as usual he's up to his old tr...

Series 2 | Episode 7 | On drama


National Wealth

Lock up your attics! Lighthearted drama with the wily dealer. Lovejoy joins the hunt for a daring gang of art thieves while helping a Fre...

Series 1 | Episode 8 | On drama


March of Time

Wily Lovejoy acquires a clock and discovers that the past and present honour of a regiment hang in the balance. Ian McShane stars as the ...

Series 5 | Episode 8 | On drama


Poetic Licence

Would you buy a used Rembrandt from this man? Charlotte asks Lovejoy to value the contents of a nursing home, but soon our hero is fearin...

Series 2 | Episode 1 | On drama


Just Desserts

Delightful drama with the dodgy dealer. Wily Lovejoy emerges from prison after a stint inside and is anxious to discover who framed him f...

Series 6 | Episode 4 | On drama


Double Edged Sword

Join the lovable rogue of the antiques world for another adventure. A businessman hires Lovejoy to find a priceless Samurai sword stolen ...